Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The more we love ,the more we care,
The more we snatch ,the more we share ,
Small world of our love and fights ,
We shared together many days and nights,
Shouting , yelling , dancing and laughing ,
Roaming, sharing, eating and crying ,
This all will be, our treasures for life,
Our life would be, a book of rhyme,

The more we miss, the more we feel,
The more we hurt, the more we heal,
No party is enjoyable, when we are apart,
There remains loneliness, deep in our heart,
Memories of chatting, gossiping and teasing,
Anger, love, playing and pleasing,
Feelings, love and care we possess,
Yes its true, I’ts hard to express,

The more we attach, the more we fight,
We know each other , from every sight,
We’ll miss all this, after many more years,
We’ll left with nothing, only memorable tears,
So enjoy each day, each hour, each second,
Today we are together,  tomorrow this may end,
But the seed of friendship, in our little hearts,
Will grow forever and flourish in parts…..


Aaj ham in palko ko jhuka baithe hai ,
Jhuki aankho me kai raaz chupa baithe hai ,
Shayad pad le wo, in aankhon ki name ko ,
Ashkon ki dhaar to ham, duniya ko dikha baithe hai ,

Kuch baat to hai , unki khamoshi me,
Jaane kyu ye lab chuppi laga baithe hai ,
Kuch bol hi de wo ,laraste huye honthon se,
Ham sehme huye dil se fir ,ummeed laga baithe hai ,

Kuch shorogul to hai ,is sannate me bhi ,
Apni barbadi ki ham, baraat laga baithe hai ,
Thahar jaye wo ,kuch pal or yahan par ,
Aisi bachkani to ham aas laga baithe hai ,
Aisi bachkani to ham aas laga baithe hai ………..