Thursday, 26 February 2015

my mind is blank and i just want to quit, but the efforts that i put forces me to knit, i wonder at a moment , why i carried so far, is it just coz i heard about a half filled jar, i even want to keep and also want to loose, i have tonnes of option but i don't know what to choose, the bird which i target just flies before the shot, yes my head was such a noise i never gave a thought , i tried hard to gather the pieces i shattered, and keep myself walking, with my brains all together, things can be either easy hard or tough, its not u have to take always what is rough, life has stones and even blossoms all around, the path should be right,love all what you found, life may have different goals and different way of loving, it just makes sure that nothing gets boring, no matter how you push u will land to something better, its just a times matter sooner or later,

Thursday, 19 February 2015

i wish i could move to the world of mystery,
an unveiling future and unfold history,
i wish all i know again become question,
i just want to clear all addition and subtraction,
i dont want to think at least for a day,
i just want to lie apart from my way,
no more connection to the so solved world,
i just want to love all what is curled,
a slight move from so called life,
a break from the phase where all is divine,
i am not pure i am not clean i am not one world want me to be,
i dont want answer i dont want clue,
i just cant go blind with the crew,
yes i mad and insane and may sound silly ,
but that what i am , it may not sound willy,
my path may be rough and not so glittery,
i wish i could move to the world of mystery,

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


when everything stops and silence all around,
in the crowd of million you hear no sound,
when you come across things you never want to see,
and you just keep thinking ,why the world is so round,
when life becomes mess, and pounder only question,
when it hits from all around and wait for reaction,
when you just want to cry and cry as loud,
when you want to get hide so no one can found,
when you listen to your heart your mind gets loud,
if you go with your mind your heart rebounds,
there comes the time, where nothing you can sort,
what ever you select only you will get the tort,
yes thats life, and it has its own style,
it can keep you little tough ,soft and fragile,
no matter what you do its always ahead ,
it carries you forever,even when your body falls dead,
so cherish what you have & achieve what you lack,
as once its passed, it never looks back,