Wednesday, 21 January 2015


some thinks it comes late,
some thinks its too early,
for me its just an inception,
and to me it comes daily ,
its not an achievement nor accomplishment,
its nothing to strive,for growth and development,
its neither a journey nor destination,
yes, u succeed in every situation,
if all what happens has a better reason,
then why you regret and go for revision,
success is your smile success is your pain,
success is your loss, and yes its your gain,
its not that defeats you,
its not what you fight for,
its not when you stand high ,
its just then you need more,
its with you when you start each day,
its in your struggle what you make all day,
its in your tears when your hard work fail,
its in the effort when you try to regain,
you have it all time,what you need is to extend ,
if you know how to deal, its just in your hand .

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