Thursday, 17 May 2012


O whale o whale o beautiful whale,
U have no rest,whole life u sail,
all day n night u play with water,
u seems to be an oceans daughter,
ur gentle swiming,no one can fail,
o whale o whale....

Hw bravely u deal with stormy waves,
in front of u all luk like slaves,
u wore a crown of,queen of an ocean,
sing├Čng n playing in every season,
u swap al sorrows with ur tough strong tale,
o whale o whale....

U luk so big with a shiny cover,
u wore some blue with grey n silver,
though u r harmless,still u were killed,
ur parts were sold n pockets were filled,
yes,its sad bt its a promise,ur existence in dis world no one can nail,
o whale o whale o beautiful whale.,

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