Sunday, 28 August 2011


maa,mother, ammi, aai,
names are many ,but feature is one,
castes are many but tradition is one,

eternal word, that cannot be defined,
in all the world's dictionary,u cannot find,
its not just word, it means a lot,
u can feel its presence in every thought,

the prettiest lady,u can ever imagine,
with all the qualities of loving and caring,
even at the peak of her anger,she cant resist,
to give wishes to her child,by opening her fist,

no one can reach,the depth of her heart,
for sake of her child, she gives her every part,
the love of mother,is truely eternal,
and the existence of her is "IMMORTAL"


  1. oooo maa that is pure description of ur characteristics ..... hey poet u r the enrich of Thoughts n imagination........

  2. thats all ur kind heartedness sir............i have still to feel to weite touching poems.........:)