Saturday, 3 September 2011

Teachers are light

Teachers are torch,a guiding light,
To show us the path and make us bright,
They give us vision, they give us sight,
They teach us to walk,on what is right,

 They scold ,they shout ,they beat,they correct,
 They keep an eye, on our every act,
 on our every mistake,they are forced to punish us,
the only reason ,is that they love us,

words are less to do describe a teacher,
they show us the way to create our future,
teachers are parents ,teachers our god,
teachers and students make, an endless bond,

thank you, for what all you give,
I will never forget,as long as I live,
All through my life,let your blessings follow me,
World is so dark, I need you to see, I need you to see……….

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